Rev. Magora Kennedy, Founder of Revelations Now African Temple is a VIP in House Of Romance as our MC and host of our special events. A proud senior citizen on a mission. Her motto is " in order to be wealthy you must be healthy" and practices what she preach.

Revelations Now African Temple was founded in 1988 by Reverend Magora E. Kennedy out of the need to educate African Americans and People of Color about our rich heritage which began in Africa.

Revelations Now African Temple added Goddess Awareness in 2000 to educate, enlighten, uplift and awaken the God/King, Goddess/Queen spirit which resides in all of us!!!

We offer private and group classes entitled "Awaken the Goddess in You 101" and "Understanding your Dreams" as well as individual consultation, spiritual retreats, holistic health seminars and more. In addition, we offer fund raising seminars for your organization and customize our topics to fit the needs of your group. 

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Reverend Magora, Founder

Phone: (917) 816-5442